Monday, 20 July 2009

Rebekah & Sion

Rebekah & Sion are a great couple to photograph.  We headed out with Milo (the dog) to a place called 'No Man's Land' where they regularly walk Milo.  It absolutely poured down with rain on the way there and Sion pulled over the car to see if we wanted to cancel!  We took the gamble and carried on and I'm so pleased that we did.  The rain stopped and we had we had some beautiful evening light.  This was a great session but my favourite shot was at the end of the shoot when it started raining again but they didn't care and carried on kissing, if you click on the image it'll open up large - it's worth having a look full size, I think this is one of the most romantic pictures we've taken!


Carrie Bugg Photography said...

oh love the one in the rain! I got all goose-pimply when I opened up the large one! Great job yet again Stu!

Rebekah said...

We're back from Honeymoon and took the opportunity to have another look through the pre wedding photographs! They are brilliant, even some where I'm laughing! ;-) Think I just wasn't keen on my outfit initially!

We absolutely loved having you both at our wedding, you were perfect guests!

Look forward to catching up soon!
Bex (and of course Sion!)